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One Journey, One Vision

In just one week they built a lifetime of memories.
A feature length documentary produced by Music for All.
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About the Film

For 250 teenagers that embarked on a journey to march in the most iconic parade in the world, their lives were forever changed. They came together not knowing each other, and went home as friends. Just three days of intense rehearsals prepared them for marching in the 5.5 mile Tournament of Roses Parade. In these experiences, we witness the tremendous will power and work ethic of today’s young people.

We often put limits on what we think young people can accomplish. This group finds those limits and surpasses them to the amazement of their parents and instructional staff. For students in Music for All’s Bands of America Honor Band, hard work and discipline are built from their character and determination.

Every New Year’s Day since 1890, the world has come to Pasadena, California, USA. Nearly a million come in person for the tradition and pageantry. Hundreds of millions more watch the worldwide broadcasts on TV in more than 200 international territories. The students in the national Bands of America Honor Band were at the center of all the action.

Under the direction of an all star staff of elite music educators, the band finds unity and harmony together. In just one week they built a lifetime of memories.

Photos of the Band

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Behind the Scenes

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